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Moseley Road Baths celebrated

Moseley Road Baths has inspired Artists, Photographers, Theatre Makers, Film Makers and more to use the building for countless creative projects. It has even formed the backdrop to a few TV shows!

The Play House brought ‘Tea Dances’ to life through their Theatre in Education performances.

Other Pool campaigns

Moseley Road Baths is just one of a handful of historical pools around the UK in need of support and investment. Here are some links to campaigns that the Friends of Moseley Road Baths have linked with.

Victoria Baths in Manchester during a Friends Visit in 2008

Coalition Organisations

Moseley Road Baths is supported by a number of organisations who form the Moseley Road Baths Coalition. Their expertise, support and investment has been crucial for ensuring that the building currently functions as a public swimming pool.

Heritage links

To explore the history of swimming and of the local area, take a look at some of the following resources.

Staff at the Library of Birmingham can support research into Birmingham’s history