New meeting date

As a result of the inclement weather we have been unable to go ahead with tonight’s planned Committee meeting which Cllr Mullaney, Cabinet member for Sports, Leisure and Culture was going to attend.

We have now put the meeting back by two weeks to Thursday 21st January, 7:30-9:00pm at Anderton Park School Children’s Centre. Cllr Mullaney will be in attendance from 8pm onwards to answer questions relating to the future of the building, maintenance work and the new timetable.  We are particularly anxious to find out more about some of the proposal to re-open the Gala Pool for swimming announced at last month’s Hall Green Constituency Committee meeting.

If you have questions or points to raise but are not able to attend then please use the comments box below to post up your thoughts.

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “New meeting date”

  1. For the Baths to have a future, they need to jump over 100 years in energy efficiency. Birmingham’s carbon reduction plans rely on Combined Heat and Power generation at sites around the city. The Baths as a demand for hot water is an ideal partner, along with the adjoining Library, Health Centre and Methodist Church for a CHP scheme. This needs Leisure Services to talk to Health Service and Birmingham Energy Services. Balsall Heath Is Our Planet is happy to be involved. John Newson BHIOP development oficer 440 7919

  2. Hi John,

    This is something that was looked at a while back – the Baths were going to be included in a CHP scheme along the Moseley Road. I forget exactly what happened, but if it is something that is still on the table then we should be looking at it very seriously. We will bring it up at the meeting on 21st January. Hopefully the £300,000 to make the building watertight will go ahead as a priority and make some efficiency improvements in the interim.

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