Birmingham’s Lido heritage

Amidst talk of cutbacks and closures it’s easy to forget some of the fantastic municipal facilities that Birmingham has run in much harder economic times than those we face today. A recent discussion stemming from a photo of the Cannon Hill Bathing Pool on the Digital Balsall Heath site got a few of us discussing the number of Lidos, open air swimming pools, there used to be in Brum. Wouldn’t it be lovely to take a dip outdoors in this landlocked city?

So, following on from that, Steve Beauchampé has dug out a list of lidos in and around Birmingham over the years. Please let us know if you remember any of these!

Open Air Pools and Lidos in Birmingham and District

  • Brookvale Park, Park Road, Erdington (7th October 1909-1926)
  • Bournville Lido, Oak Farm Road, Bournville (2nd July 1937-c1972 demolished c1976; 1977-1987, demolished 1997) now housing
  • Bournville Men’s Open Baths, Linden Road (1898-c1936/7) now the Settling Pool
  • Cannon Hill Park Bathing Pool (1st September 1873; reconstructed 15th June 1921-1938)
  • Dartmouth Park, Devonshire Drive, West Bromwich (1887-)
  • Keeper’s Pool Lido, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield (June 30th 1887-1933; 1933-1961; 1961-March 2002) closed and demolished after fire, site now landscaped
  • Greswolde Lido/Pool – behind The Greswolde Hotel/Restaurant, High Street, Knowle, Solihull – now flats, (13th June 1936-cAug 1965)
  • Malvern Hall (or Park) Lido, Malvern Park, Solihull, opened (c1944-c September 1982) now overgrown/derelict
  • Shirley Sports Lido and Swimming Pool, Sansome Road, Shirley; (6th June 1936-1939) now offices
  • Small Heath Park Lido, Small Heath Park (aka Victoria Park) (9th July 1883; reconstructed 14th June 1922-1938)
  • Stechford Lido, Station Road, Stechford (August 1964-1991) now Cascades leisure pool (covered)
  • West Heath Lido (The Bath Tub), Aldridge Road, West Heath (1st July 1937-1940)

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