Report on Tuesday’s Hall Green Constituency meeting

Tuesday’s Hall Green Constituency meeting was, to say the last, a stormy affair but it was heartening to see so many Moseley Road Baths supporters making their voices heard following the latest developments concerning the building and the future of swimming in the area.

Thus it is sad and utterly frustrating to report that the meeting was told by Peter Hobbs, Service Intergration Manager for the Hall Green Constituency, that the re-opening date has been put back yet again, this time until April or May. This, the meeting was told, was due to the need to strip and repaint the ceiling of Pool 2 which is flaking and is thus considered a health hazard. Mr. Hobbs estimated that this work would cost between £70-80,000 including the erection of scaffolding.

Secondly, the meeting voted to produce a report outlining future options for Moseley Road Baths, in time for the next meeting, in March (the online Council agenda promised this report would be available at the meeting but work on it does not appear to have got underway). The main aim of this document appears to be to consider whether or not the baths should be operated by the Constituency and how they can be managed more economically, and though, when pressed, the Chairman, Councillor Tony Kennedy and those Councillors who supported the production of the document, insisted all of the options to be considered must have swimming at their heart, Councillor Kennedy also stated that the options review would be ‘a complex document’ adding, ‘does the pool sit as part of a sport or heritage facility.’

Clearly, there is much here of concern and we will update you as soon as we hear more and please let us know your views.

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