Baths on track for April reopening?

This is the latest update we have from Cllr Mullaney about work to the building and the prospects for reopening this Spring.  A further update will go out soon about a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Update on Moseley Road baths – 26th February 2012.

Work on the final phase to get Moseley Road baths re-opened in April is well under way.

Followers of the present saga to get these historic baths re-opened will be aware of how much hair I’ve been pulling out over this issue. What started out as a six week closure in December 2010 for a simple lintel replacement,  escalated as health and safety found more and more issues to prevent its re-opening.

Each issue has been resolved and we are now on the final piece of work to remove all the flaky paint from the ceiling of Pool 2 and to replace all the stolen roof lead.

For more on the flaky paint issue, please read my blog report at

For more information on the stolen roof lead, please see my other blog report at

As you will see from the attached photos of the interior of Pool 2, the erection of the scaffolding is nearly complete. The scaffolding will be complete on Wednesday 29th February – one and a half weeks ahead of schedule.

Removal of the flaky paint using a special epoxy resin will begin straight away. A specially developed Dulux paint for use in a high humidity atmosphere will be applied. Flaky paint removal and repainting will take three weeks.

Removal of the scaffolding will then take 10 days.

Replacement of all stolen lead with a lead substitute will take place in parallel. Also, using the knowledge of the pools staff, efforts will be made to get rid of other roof leaks.

We estimate that all work will be complete by 4th April. The pools re-opening will then be based on how long it takes to refill the pool.

3 thoughts on “Baths on track for April reopening?”

  1. In the meantime plans to reduce the opening hours of Balsall Heath Library on the Moseley Road are set to be agreed at BCC Cabinet Meeting 5th March 2012.

    The hours will cut from 40 to just 26. Opening on Monday, Thursday, Friday and early closing on Saturdays and the reintroduction of lunch time closing during the week.

    Although Kings Heath Library is having its hours increase by 1 and £400,000 is being spent on the roof.


  2. Hurrsh!

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting the reopening of Moseley Road Baths since the closure, and am looking forward to seeing the shiny new ceiling!

    Thank you Cllr Martin Mullaney for your hard work on all this and keeping the world (and me!) up to date!

    Can’t wait to go for a swim! 🙂

  3. Balsall Heath Library is having its hours cut even though it is what I would consider to be a real community library…From 40 to 26 hours.. Although Kings Heath Library, a library that struggles to accommodate the local ethnic minority groups.. is having its hours increased by one hour… Is there discrimination in the air… Balsall Heath Library is a hotspot for local community groups and schools so what is the justification for cutting the hours of what is one of the properly subscribed to and majorly important community resources in the area…

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