It’s good to be back…

Here are a few comments we’ve received from people who have been swimming at the Baths since they reopened on Monday:

‘I’ve been this morning! It was absolutely blissful, having not been swimming in a swimming pool since it shut. It was 8.15am and everyone was talking about how brilliant it was that they were open again. There were swimmers stopping mid-lane to shake hands and say ‘good to be back’. The staff were really cheerful about it too. I was pleased to find I can still do my mile without feeling tired, the metal ‘beams’ above were beautifully painted and the sun was shining onto the water. Fantastic! Making resolution to go every week.’

‘At 09.30hrs the kids from King David arrived and there were screams and shouts of delight have to say it was great to hear the kids getting excited about being able to get back into the pool’

Let us know your experience of being back in the swim!

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