HLF bid underway!

The good folk over at Birmingham Conservation Trust have been working hard to draw together ideas for activities that can be included in Birmingham City Council’s £5million bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for Phase 1 of the restoration.  The HLF are keen for any work to involve the wider community, so that we can all share in the heritage of this neighbourhood gem.  We met with members of BCT at our last committee meeting and it’s clear that there’s loads of potential if the political will is there to put in a solid bid.  You can read more about the bid and how you can contribute your own ideas by contacting BCT directly and reading more about the bid on their site.

Obviously any successful bid will need to be championed by a supportive and proactive local council.  We’ll be prodding local councillors to make sure that they play their part and make good on the promise of match funding for the bid.

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