Public ‘campaign tactics’ meeting

The big question around the closure is ‘what now?’  Whilst it’s easy to be defeatist when told that there is no money, every time the Council has tried to shut the building down they have failed.  We have every reason to believe, with £50,000 having just been spent doing the surveys and sums to put together a viable business plan, that they will fail once again.

We are hosting a meeting to discuss campaign tactics and to formulate a strategy (no big speeches – we promise!).  We want to make sure that different groups of swimmers and residents are represented.  So, if you work at a local school, we want you there.  If you are passionate about Women Only swimming, please come along.  If your children are on the ‘Strokes’ programme, turn up and get involved.  In fact anyone who wants to reverse the Council’s policy on closing the building for swimming and wants to get proactive in the nitty gritty of the campaign, please come along.

The meeting is at:

Anderton Park Childrens Centre, Dennis Road, Birmingham, B12 8BL

30th January


Hope to see you there!


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