A Plan B?

Please do try and make it to the next Committee meeting where we will be discussing whether or not we should formulate a ‘Plan B’ if we are forced into a position where the Council puts the building up for sale, and what that plan should include.

So far we have quite rightly insisted that the building stays open as a publicly owned and run swimming pool with full access to local residents.  This has undoubtedly made it more difficult to close the facility or palm it off to a private company or Trust.  Far from being a ‘radical’ position, all we have lobbied for is that the building remains as the public amenity that was gifted to Birmingham’s citizens.

Thousands of supporters have signed petitions to this effect, and from talking with so many of you on stalls and in meetings we know that the overwhelming majority of residents and pool users agree with us.

However, with all Districts across the City now looking to divvy up their sport and leisure facilities to a mish mash of external bodies, we are faced with the dilemma of how to respond.

It is crucial that we have a constructive discussion and that any decision reflects the wishes of the group.  Please join us and add your thoughts.

The meeting is Wednesday 17th July, Anderton Park School Children’s Centre, Dennis Road, 7:30pm-9:00pm.

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