ACTION: ‘A Decade of Decay’

Saturday 31st August, 10:30am,
 Gala Pool

On Saturday we mark a decade since the Gala Pool closed to the public for swimming. Anyone who has peeped through the window to the pool or has taken a tour of the building will know what a sad sight it is. However, the HLF bid that was ready to be submitted in December 2012 had a plan to bring the space back into public use. This gorgeous space has so much potential. We want to use the decade anniversary to highlight that.

Join us at 10:30am this coming Saturday to add your ‘vision’ for the space to our display. You can also learn more about the campaign and how to get involved, view part of our well received exhibition, and (adults only) go into the Gala Pool for a brief tour. A show of numbers on this day would be brilliant – we have invited the press along so we’re hoping for a bit of coverage to highlight just how passionate we are about the building!

Spread the word and hopefully see you there!

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