A letter from a supporter

My name is Isra Hassan who is 8 years old and I live close to Moseley swimming Pool. I also attend Park Hill School in year 3 and as part of PE our teacher takes us to Moseley baths every Wednesday. I really really enjoy swimming and as I enjoy it so much my parents have put myself and my younger sister for swimming lessons every Fridays after school.

I am a great swimmer now thanks to the friendly staff and the availability of the Moseley swimming baths. My parents both work and told me if this swimming baths closes then I will NOT be able to go to swimming lessons any more because that’s the closest swimming baths to my house and convenient.

Both myself and my sister extremely enjoy swimming and we both look forwards to Friday all week, but if it closes then I wont have that any more and I will be very very sad to see it go.

Can you please try your best to keep this swimming baths open because they already closed Sparkhill Swimming baths where my mother used to take me every Saturdays as well.


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