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On Sunday 11th May, the Friends Group held a Keep Moseley Road Baths Open Day.

For three busy hours that afternoon, the Friends welcomed over 100 visitors to the Baths, giving them the opportunity to see parts of the Edwardian building usually out-of-bounds, such as the Gala Pool, Slipper Baths, Boiler Room and Laundry Room.

Visitors included present and past users of the Pool, some who had not seen the building for decades, but shared their memories with Group members. Also present were current and prospective City Councillors, ahead of the forthcoming local elections.

In the Foyer of the Baths, the Group set up table-tops for campaign sheets/ideas, selling books/t-shirts/postcards and cakes/refreshment. In the area adjacent to the entrance to the Gala Pool, other members set up a banner-making table alongside members of the Balsall Heath History Society.

As people walked around the building, group members were available in each area to explain the details and history of the room they were in.

At the close of the Day, the group had sold plenty of books as well as  t-shirts, postcards and cakes raising over £150 for the Group.

Many thanks to those who attended. If you would like to help more, please contact us through our website –


If you came to the Keep Moseley Road Baths Open Day on Sunday 11th and have any photos you would like to share please email the Friends who would be happy to showcase your day at the baths.

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