Wasted Potential…

Yet another group have seen the potential of the Gala Pool as a location for filming.  Whilst the Council think that the only potential for the building is as a home for pigeons, others are desperate to get in and get filming.  This was the e-mail we received from the band.

‘I thought you may be interested to know that a fantastic pop video has just been released. The venue for the shoot was Moseley Road Baths.

You can see the result here:

Jerin Micheal was recently named as NME’s Young Photographer of the Year and was invited to direct his first pop video for Coventry band ‘The Ellipsis’. Jerin was thrilled to discover your magnificent venue for the shoot. He said “It’s in a pretty poor state now but you can still sense the former glory and historical beauty. I took some photographs and told the band about it. As soon as they saw it they fell in love with it and we decided that it would be perfect place to shoot for the video for Wasted Potential Me.”

The Ellipsis are one of Coventry’s most exciting young bands who set themselves apart from other groups by the sheer quality of their songs. One of their songs, ‘White Feather’ was heard by BBC CW and was played by Brody Swain who said, “I heard it once and couldn’t get the tune out of my head”. He later featured The Ellipsis as ‘ones to watch for 2014’, ‘Band of the Month’ and invited them to play at The Wychwood Festival.

The shoot for Wasted Potential Me was done with the full permission and co-operation of Birmingham City Council and the wonderful, dedicated staff at the baths. The band and the crew spent a great day there and are all saddened to think that the building may not saved for future generations to enjoy. It is a very special place with enormous potential.

Wasted Potential Me is released on January 23rd and will be available to download on iTunes, Google Play and Nokia Mix Radio.
Jerin’s video will be available to view on YouTube
The story of the making of the video is being featured on BBC CW on Friday morning (23rd) and in The Hinckley Times w/c 26th Jan.

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