Balsall Heath votes YES

The following press release was issued by Abdullah Rehman of Balsall Heath Forum and a member of the Moseley Road Baths Working Group, following the news that Balsall Heath residents voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.


‘On the 8th October 2015 the community of Balsall Heath went out to vote on the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan which was designed to transform their area.

The aims of the plan included improvements to the main thoroughfares; protect historic buildings and reopening of their train station also, creating a town square on Moseley Rd and improvements to the Ladypool Rd.

The question on the ballot paper was;
“Do you want Birmingham to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Balsall Heath to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

This led to an overwhelming 22.28 percent turnout with 90% of residents saying ‘yes’. The turnout of 2,228 residents coming was higher than in many other council elections. zzzz
It makes me proud to be from a community who led a campaign 21 years ago to reclaim the street from pimps and drug dealers, to a new chapter which seeks to empower and puts residents in control of their ‘place’.
We are now the first neighbourhood plan for the city.

I would like to personally thank all my colleagues at the Balsall Heath Forum, local active residents, political parties and all volunteers who helped with promoting this new chapter for the neighbourhood.’

Please see a few quotes below.

Joe Hollyoak- Architect
“I am delighted we have finally got to the end with the right result after 4 years of work” “It is another significant achievement for Balsall Heath.”

Councillor Victoria Quinn
“The Balsall Heath community has shown through the Neighbourhood Plan and the vote that they shared an identity and cared about the place where they live.”
Former deputy leader of BCC-Andy Howell
“92% yes on turnout of 22%- that turnout is higher than some Council’s  elections” “I’m quite proud of the local electorate for that.”

Councillor Jamie Mckay
“Huge congratulate to Balsall Heath Forum, a shining example of local leadership and community action.”

Councillor Matt Bennett
“Very pleased that Birmingham’s first Neighbourhood plan has been approved by referendum. More to follow I hope. Well done Balsall Heath Forum”

Tony Smith
“Balsall Heath gets Neighbourhood Plan! Local democracy looks to the future in Brum!”

Georgina Johnston
“Well done.”

Councillor Tony Kennedy
“The huge majority in the Balsall Heath Referendum is a powerful mandate to drive the next phase of the area’s renaissance, we have already secured £12 million investment for a site on the Moseley road and opened up the river Rea; we must now secure a railway station and the other priorities in the plan. I thank and congratulate everyone who worked so hard to reach this day.”
I would personally like to thank all partners, political parties, local councillors and above all the community and residents for support and hard work during the past four years. We will now plan ahead to deliver on the plan and help shape the neighbourhood in the vision of the community who live in ‘OUR PLACE!’

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