You did it! Now for the final push!

We are completely overwhelmed by the support of each and every one of you who has generously contributed to the Moseley Road Baths Crowdfunder!  We hit our target of £13,552 with five days to go before our fundraiser comes to an end.

However, not ones to rest on our laurels, we are pushing to see if we can bump it up to £17,500 by 3:44pm on Wednesday 22nd November.  Can we stretch the target to help us meet more of the running costs for the first year? There’s the costs of general maintenance helping keeping everything in working order that needs to be met; we would also like to raise more funds to cover those ‘rainy days’ – those unexpected bills that just might happen.

It’s a tough ask, but we  know the passion of our supporters – and we also know that there are still so many people that we haven’t yet managed to reach.   Can you help spread the word?  Remember, we have until Wednesday afternoon to get all of the funds in – so if you have collected money offline you will need to add that too!

Support us now!