Minutes of meeting – 11th August 2021

The Friends of Moseley Road Baths Committee meeting minutes – Wednesday 11th August 2021 at 7.30pm, via Zoom.

Present: Joe, Mark, Rachel, Polly, Janet, Philippa and Viv

Apologies: None received

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 12th July – circulated. Meeting took place on Zoom, not Telegram as Joe and Polly unsuccessful in attempting to download and test the platform.

2. Reports from MRB CIO and management

  • Baths are currently closed due to a boiler failure, current wait for parts.
  • Niki has added members of FoMRB to volunteer list.  Any queries about the list should be directed to Niki.
  • Call out for a clean-up of the Slipper Baths for space for volunteers and staff, w/c 12th August.

3. MRB Alive events

Summer programme of events in person and online.  Includes Threading Tales Together exhibition in the Gala Pool and wellbeing activities in person in the Gala Pool.

4. 2021 Birmingham Heritage Week: Open Day 12.09.21

  • All tours booked up via Eventbrite on the first day of BHW going live.  84 people in total, 12 people per tour over 7 tours.
  • Joe, Russ, Damian, Janet and Mark are willing to lead tours.  Joe writing new notes and will do a ‘practice run’ with tour leaders prior to the tours.  Volunteers to meet at 2pm on Saturday 11th September to set up.
  • Discussion about Covid Risk Assessment – Rachel to share her Risk Assessment from Nelson Mandela Primary tours.  Request visitors wear masks, use hand sanitiser. FoMRB to provide disposable masks and plastic visors for tour leaders.
  • Route for tour to be agreed – congregate in Gala Pool where there will be chairs and information.
  • Rachel and Polly to do meet and greet in addition to tour leaders when they are not leading tours.
  • Joe writing a summary of the work that has been done by the CIO and Coalition to date which will be distributed to visitors.
  • Rachel to print 5×7 images of the Caretaker’s Flat and Committee Room taken by Kat for display on the day.
  • Gala Pool toilets will be accessible to the public on the day.
  • Viv has checked Public Liability Insurance covers the tours.
  • Joe is arranging for badges to be made for all volunteers.
  • Donations will be accepted on the day.
  • Rachel to create a sign-up sheet for contact.
  • Conversation about future tours to be taken forward into future meetings.

5. Possible changes to the constitution

The constitution as agreed in 2016 allows anyone to join regular meetings, rather than committing to a committee structure.  We will revert to a system whereby anyone can attend regular meetings, although they will need to request access to the Zoom call whilst we are still meeting online.

6. Any other business

The plant protocol will be taken to the CIO, although there is unlikely to be space at the next CIO meeting to discuss it.

The CIO are considering starting a gardening group in the rear courtyard.  Anyone interested should contact Emily Butler of Moseley Road Baths Alive.

Review https://birminghamheritage.org.uk/mrbaths.html and send any amendments about access to Rachel.

7. Date of the next meeting

Monday 11th October at 7:30pm.