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Last Tuesday we presented around 130 letters and posters to Hall Green Constituency Councillors.  Despite attempts to get clarification on some key issues about the Baths we received no concrete responses.  Last Thursday (21st March) we sent this letter to Cllr Kennedy who is the Chair of the Committee.  As yet we are awaiting a response.  We’ll keep you posted as and when we receive a reply.

Dear Councillor Kennedy

We are writing to you as Chair of the Constituency to ask for some points of clarification after the Hall Green Constituency Party meeting, (Tuesday 20th March). Several of us were in attendance from the Friends of Moseley Road Baths and presented over 130 letters and petitions from the public and from pupils at local primary schools, many of whom are currently being denied their right to learn to swim under the guidelines of the National Curriculum.

As the meeting was at times very confused and emotional, there are points which are unclear and on which we would like clarification from you in writing, or at a meeting with you and your colleagues as appropriate:

  1. Could you confirm that the schools which have made their views known to you via our petition will receive a direct response from the Constituency?
  2. What publicity and/or events will the Constituency undertake to mark the re-opening of the Moseley Road Baths? We would be happy to play our part in promoting and helping to organise the re-opening.
  3. Does the constituency retain a commitment to both school and community swimming at Moseley Road Baths, both in the short and in the long term?
  4. How will the day-to-day operation of the Baths be affected by the plans, as announced by your colleague Martin Straker-Welds, to pass responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the building to the Corporate Centre should Labour take power in May?
  5. How will such a move impact on the HLF bid for the baths, which the Labour group have stated that they support?
  6. We have just received nearly 100 more letters about the Baths from children at Tindal Primary School which we would like to present to you. We look forward to your reply with possible dates for a meeting.

Yours, on behalf of the Friends of Moseley Road Baths

James Gillies (Chair)

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