Baths currently on target to reopen within the month

This is our latest update from Cllr Mullaney:

Moseley Road baths on target to re-open mid-April.

I attended a contractors meeting today to get an update on work to get Moseley Road baths re-opened. We are on target to re-open the pool to the public in mid-April.

The repainting of the interior of Pool 2 will be finished tomorrow. Mesh will be installed in front of the ceiling windows; this is being done as a safety precaution, in case any panes of glass come loose between now and the restoration in 2014.

The scaffolding inside Pool 2 will be completely removed by Wednesday 4th April. On the Thursday and Friday the contractors will then give Pool 2 a clean down.

From Tuesday 10th April, the staff in the baths will start the process of fine cleaning the pool and refilling it. This normally takes about five days.

I attach photos showing the repainting of the ceiling of Pool 2.



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