Baths set to reopen on 16th April!

We have received a further update from Cllr Mullaney stating that the Baths is due to reopen on 16th April.  We’re REALLY excited to see Pool 2 full of water – how inviting!  However, with less than a week until the building opens its doors we have still had no answer from Hall Green Constituency Councillors to our letter which asked how the reopening would be publicised and whether or not school have been told of the reopening.  We’ll be pushing them to ensure that they go all out to get swimmers back!

Here is Cllr Mullaney’s update:

I visited Moseley Road baths this morning and can confirm that the staff are working towards re-opening the baths at 12noon on Monday 16th April.

I attach two photos that I took this morning. As you will see the pool is now fully re-filled and this morning the staff started the process of heating up the pool.

Refilling the pool

Having dipped my hand in the pool, I can assure you the water is cold. Re-heating should take a few days. We should have a definite confirmation of the 12noon opening tomorrow afternoon. The staff want to see how much they can manage to raise the temperature of the pool in 24 hours and then they will be confident of the exact time of opening.

Refilling the pool

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