Baths to reopen 16th-20th April!

This is the latest from Cllr Mullaney.  Stick a date in your diary.  Unfortunately we’ve STILL had no reply to our questions to Hall Green Constituency Councillors – so we have no idea if they have any plans to formally publicise the reopening (despite a verbal, and probably un-minuted agreement at the Hall Green Constituency meeting).  So, PLEASE spread the news to let fellow swimmers know!

I attended a contractors meeting today to get an update on work to get Moseley Road baths re-opened. We are on target to re-open the pool to the public in the week beginning 16th April.

I attach two photos showing the interior of the Pool 2 this morning. As you can see from the photos, the scaffolding is almost completely down. It will be completely removed by tomorrow.

Painting work - Apr 3rd 2012

The process of refilling pool 2 will begin over the weekend – can I thank the staff of Moseley Road baths who will be doing this, especially during Easter weekend.

By next Wednesday we will have a firm date for when pool 2 will open. It will be sometime between 16th and 20th April.

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