Council fail to submit HLF bid

We learnt earlier this week that the Council’s bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for Phase 1 of restoration work to the building will not be put forward as they have decided that they will not be able to put £3million match-funding towards the £8million bid.  The full text of their letter to us is below.  We will be issuing a press release shortly.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with your comments.  We know that there has been a huge amount of support for this bid and hundreds of people have been involved in the consultation exercise.  We will be working hard to make sure that your views are heard.

Letter from Council re. HLF bid - 11/12/12

3 thoughts on “Council fail to submit HLF bid”

  1. I understand that there is immense pressure on budgets but once this heritage is lost there is no getting it back… Very short sighted and very disappointing. Good luck on your next steps – being a member of Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery I do understand your challenges and wish you every success. Sarah

  2. Thank you Sarah. It’s so frustrating, and you’re right, very short-sighted. Pay £3 million over several years, get an additional £5 million investment from the HLF. Or, don’t pay the money and end up paying over £3 million anyhow on emergency repairs!

  3. New library costs estimated to be £400 million + including interest over 40 years. I wonder if it will even be there in 40 years, it is a God awful piece of design!!! Politics is a ridiculous game.

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