Photo models needed!

Photographer Attilio Fiumarella is seeking help to develop a photographic project with swimmers as part of the local ‘Some Cities’ photography project. His project will represent the swimming pool’s users in an atmosphere inspired by the butterfly and its cocoon. People will be photographed inside the Moseley Road Baths’ building, surrounded by a fascinating light and involved in selected materials, similar to a cocoon.

Attilio explains: ‘The cocoon provides the butterfly with enough energy for a new life. In the same way, in this imaginary world we will create together, the users will absorb the swimming pool’s essence, keeping the heritage alive.’

The image of the disused Gala Pool is just one shot from his recent tour of the building – so this promises to be something very special!

To learn more about the project and / or to volunteer yourself as one of his models (people of all backgrounds, abilities, shapes and sizes are welcome!), come along to a short talk on the project at:

The Tea Room (by Reception), Friday 7th February, 6:30pm.

Please e-mail to confirm your attendance.

More of Attilio’s beautiful work can be seen at

2 thoughts on “Photo models needed!”

  1. Hi, unfortunately I am unable to attend the talk this evening. Is there another way I can get details or keep informed about this project?
    Kind regards,
    Andrew Frings

  2. I used to use Moseley Road baths before moving to South Shropshire. My two grandsons still have lessons there. I am willing to come over one day to have photos taken if you need me to and let me know when.

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