Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

Last summer we were contacted by the production team for this BBC programme as they wanted to feature our beautiful Baths in the current series. Jenny Austin from the group spent a couple of hours showing Rory McGrath and David Harper around the washing baths and Gala Pool areas, answering questions about the history and explaining why the building is so special. After the usual editing this came out as about 3 minutes in the programme, but we tried to get the message across that this is a heritage building, much neglected and currently under threat of closure. If national prime time TV is interested in our building why can’t the Council see it’s value?

Catch the programme on BBC iPlayer, it’s available until Saturday at 8pm

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Series 4, went out at 7pm on 25th September.  The Baths tour features about 34 minutes in.

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