Fierce Festival: Parting Waters and Museum of Water

All welcome to Parting Waters: A program of art events at Moseley Road Baths, 5 – 12 October 2014

The Friends of Moseley Road Baths are proud to announce their involvement in the forthcoming Fierce Festival ( The festival runs from the 2nd to the 12th of October at various venues across Birmingham.

Australian artists Laura Delaney and Lisa Stewart have been working with Moseley Road Baths, Friends of Moseley Road Baths and members of the local community to present a program of art events at Moseley Road Baths from 5 -12 October, as part of Fierce Festival. Parting Waters will take place in the Moseley Road Baths swimming pool and throughout the building, running alongside the regular swimming program. All events are FREE or the cost of pool entry, no booking required. ALL WELCOME!

Delaney and Stewart first swam at Moseley Road Baths in October 2013 and saw firsthand its significance as a community building and resource. They felt an urgency to respond to the Baths’ tenuous future, which led them to create Parting Waters as a dedication to Moseley Road Baths and its swimmers.

The Programme

The artists and Friends of Moseley Road Baths invite you to attend the Floating Forum on Thursday 9 October, 4:30 – 6.30pm (meet 5pm in the shallow end of the pool). The Floating Forum is a public discussion in the swimming pool. Everyone is welcome to attend and float ideas to the surface as you swim and socialise. The discussion will draw from the site, its swimmers and the collective experience of being in water.

Other works include:

Night Swimmers: A video installation on the façade of the building from dusk til late.
Sunday 5 – Sunday 12 Oct.

Sound Bath: An experiential live sound performance in the swimming pool with local sound therapist/musician Soesen Edan (The Musery). A selection of singing bowls and instruments will be played in the pool creating a sound bath of harmonic vibrations for visitors to float through.
Saturday 11 Oct, 1.00 – 2.00 pm

Deep End Dedications: Music played underwater in the swimming pool, including song requests from the Moseley Road Baths community. Playing underwater during the following public swimming sessions:
Thursday 9th October
1.30 – 4.30pm | public swimming & 6.30 – 8.00pm | lane swimming

Saturday 11th October
1.00 – 3.00pm | public swimming  & 3.00 – 4.30pm | lane swimming

Sunday 12th October
8.00 – 11.30am | public swimming  & 11.30 – 12.30pm | lane swimming

For further details about Parting Waters visit

Museum of Water

Another artist visiting the Baths will be Amy Sharrocks with her installation “Museum Of Water” ( Amy encourages members of the public to provide a donation of water that holds particular significance. The Friends group will be donating a bottle of water from Pool Two for the collection.  She will be at the pool:

Friday 10 October 10am–9pm
Saturday 11 October 10am–5pm
Sunday 12 October 10am–12pm

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