Keep Moseley Road Baths Open Day – a huge thank you!

What an amazing response!

Every time the Friends of Moseley Road Baths have hosted an event, we wait nervously to see if anyone will show up.  Experience should tell us not to worry, as each time we’re heartened by how many people are so eager to view the building and come for a swim!

Around 80 people alone came on a tour upstairs with others just viewing the pools, slipper baths and boiler room downstairs.  Former Baths employee John Berrill’s description of how the plant and equipment worked was both highly informative and very well received by the visitors and we’ll be arranging to record him on site soon for the archive.  The fun swims lived up to their name, with balls and floats in the pool encouraging swimmers of all ages to have a splash around together.  Unfortunately some swimmers were turned away as we had a full pool!

Visitors also took time to chat with the group about the progress of the campaign and we sold plenty of books, postcards, greetings cards and t-shirts.  Along with your generous donations we raised a healthy amount of money to plough back into our campaign and heritage work.


Inspired?  Join us!

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 11th March at Anderton Park Children’s Centre, 7.30pm.  We shall be gearing up for local elections, assessing what the likely scenarios are for the building post-election and planning more events.  Bring your ideas and enthusiasm!  Meetings are open to all and the venue is wheelchair accessible.


The day also featured on BBC Radio WM’s ‘Hunted’ show, with listeners following clues to find clues hidden in the building.  Could you have guessed?  You can Listen Again by clicking here: The clue hunting begins at around 55m, the section at Moseley Road Baths starts a 1hr 29mins.

Some special thank yous

Thanks are due to all of you who took time out of their weekend to volunteer – giving tours, pouring drinks, counting swimmers, giving directions, manning stalls.  Without your efforts yesterday’s event simply would not have taken place.

As always we also wish to thank the staff at Moseley Road Baths for being so accommodating.  Year on year they work with the building’s closure looming over their heads as things gradually fall into increased disrepair.  Their commitment ensures that people keep coming back.

2 thoughts on “Keep Moseley Road Baths Open Day – a huge thank you!”

  1. I travelled from Staffordshire to join the tour. I used to live in Balsall Heath, first as a student when I used the private baths as an alternative to grotty shared bathrooms in houses in mutliple occupation, then in the 70s lived locally and used the swimming baths. I also met up with an old friend who also used to live in BH and her children also learnt to swim at the baths. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the historical detail given by Steve and John. John should be on TV – he explains the workings of the machinery so clearly. I have some good photos which I will try to forward. I’m also trying to get details of the campaign to save Mullersches Volksbad in Munich (now on Trip Adviser!!)

  2. It will be a great loss if Moseley Baths are closed. Mine and countless other children, learned to love swimming in these baths, a place with such great heritage. The open day on Sunday was really interesting and very informative. Well done to the Friends of Moseley Baths for your commitment and hard work.

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