Petition for more Women Only swim sessions

You can now sign an online petition to request that Birmingham City Council increase women only provision at Swimming Pools across the city.

The Facebook Group is also a good place to chat about the issue. One comment in particular highlights the problem with the current timetables:

Tired and fed up i wrote to my MP back in January 2010. He wrote to the head of Sports and Events at Birmingham City Council in order to enquire further. The reply I got was a list of women’s only swimming / gym sessions….along with appreciat…ion that my issue had highlighted the birmingham website needed amendment to it to include ‘women only’ session. The website has slightly altered, but this does not change the fact that the demand is still there and NOTHING has been done about it!! Cocksmoor and Erdington can’t even guarantee female lifeguards….Small heath – u have to get there an hour before the swim starts in order to get a ticket, and unfortuantely they have no capacity to increase the women’s classes! Not a happy bunny : (

One thought on “Petition for more Women Only swim sessions”

  1. plz do something for the ladies in b.ham we really need women only swimming session, most of us don’t feel comfortable with the men. odd places do,do them but are jam packed most of the times we have to queue for the tickets & even after that we are turned away especially when we got the children with us, it’s very upsetting. please please help us. thank you!

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