Timetable now online

We have just posted up a new page with the most recent timetable for the Baths. Please note that this is correct as of today’s date but it is subject to change and we urge you to contact the pool directly on 0121 464 0150 to check for any changes. Timetables are also available from the pool along with details on how to register for a Passport to Leisure card if you qualify for cheaper swims, and direct debit options if you are a regular user of the pool.

MRB swim timetable

Petition for more Women Only swim sessions

You can now sign an online petition to request that Birmingham City Council increase women only provision at Swimming Pools across the city.

The Facebook Group is also a good place to chat about the issue. One comment in particular highlights the problem with the current timetables:

Tired and fed up i wrote to my MP back in January 2010. He wrote to the head of Sports and Events at Birmingham City Council in order to enquire further. The reply I got was a list of women’s only swimming / gym sessions….along with appreciat…ion that my issue had highlighted the birmingham website needed amendment to it to include ‘women only’ session. The website has slightly altered, but this does not change the fact that the demand is still there and NOTHING has been done about it!! Cocksmoor and Erdington can’t even guarantee female lifeguards….Small heath – u have to get there an hour before the swim starts in order to get a ticket, and unfortuantely they have no capacity to increase the women’s classes! Not a happy bunny : (

More women only swimming sessions needed

For a long time our group has discussed the need for more swimming provision at Moseley Road Baths in order to meet demand.  My own experience of working at the pool was that many people were frustrated that so many sessions were shared use (lane swimming and kids’ Strokes lessons, or public swims during school sessions).  It’s clear that both pools need to be opened in order to meet demand.

One group of users in particular regularly find themselves queuing to use the pool.  Many women across the city come to Moseley Road Baths for the Women Only swimming sessions.  The reasons for attending these sessions are as varied as the women who attend – modesty, cultural reasons, self-consciousness, a space to socialise with other women – to name but a few reasons.  It is apparent that these sessions are needed, and for many women and girls, it can mean the difference between regularly swimming or not doing any exercise at all.  As such, these sessions need to be encouraged throughout the city.

Moseley Road Baths are popular as the pool doors can be closed to the general public, and the cubicles around the side of the pool make the walk from changing to swimming so short.  However, the current timetable cannot meet the demand and many sessions are too busy.  The sessions are also held in the evening, excluding many women and girls who would prefer to use the pool earlier in the day – particularly important for women with children.  Some swimmers also prefer female lifeguards, which cannot always be guaranteed.

In response to this a Facebook Group has been set up, requesting more Women Only swim sessions throughout Birmingham to meet demand.  If you use Facebook then get involved in the discussion here. We would also invite people who feel passionately about the need for more Women Only swim sessions to add a comment on this blogpost, or e-mail us with your comments.  This all helps the Friends of Moseley Road Baths to make the case for two fully functioning community pools!